High Speed Pillow Case turner, a semi-automatic solution for efficient and clean turning of pillowcases after sewing. 

The operator pulls the pillowcase onto the two skies in the front, the skies then switch position with a second set of skies, allowing the opeator to feed the next pillowcases, while the HSPC stretches the first pillowcase with it’s clever “fingers” to ensure, the corner of the pillowcase are turned cleanly. After this the turned pillowcase is automatically removed fromt he skies and stacked onto a pile.

The T-Apparel is able to handle all kinds of folding patterns. After being fed, the item enters the lateral folding section where air and position-controlled folding templates create the lateral folds. Each piece’s length is automatically measured to ensure exceptional quality. The adjustable roof position permits folding of thick, stiff, light, slippery textile, and dry-fit materials. The length of the lateral fold section accommodates all product sizes.

The internal conveying belts are cleverly designed to enable safe folding of products with hang-tags or sticky surfaces due to large print areas.

T-Apparel Possibilities

The T-Apparel folding machine is the most diverse folding machine on the market. It is therefore impossible to list all the products that can be folded.
Thanks to this advantage, the T-Apparel is an excellent solution not only for garment manufacturers, screen printers, embroiderers, but also for e-commerce companies that want to innovate their returns handling processes by fully automating the folding, packing and labeling tasks.

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