The T-Matic-IQ-Label was developed specifically for the T-Matic-5020.

Its electric vacuum generator provides a strong grip on labels while significantly reducing energy consumption compared to pneumatic systems.

The system is designed for ease of use, allowing label position to be adjusted in all directions without requiring technical settings.

Full integration with many benefits

The T-Matic-IQ-Label is a label printer and applicator module designed for full integration into the T-Matic-5020, providing a compact packaging and labeling solution.

Furthermore, labels are applied directly during the packaging process. This guarantees that the product receives its corresponding label, as it cannot be lost or removed as would be the case with systems where the labeling unit is a separate unit placed after the packaging unit, requiring a transfer between the two work steps.

This also eliminates the need for an external conveyor belt after the packaging machine, which would require additional space, electricity, maintenance and a higher initial investment.

Higher reliability and repeatability

The T-Matic-IQ-Label is a fully electric system that offers greater reliability and repeatability than traditional pneumatic systems.

Unlike pneumatic systems that rely on venturi valves to generate vacuum suction for holding labels, the T-Matic-IQ-Label uses an electric system that eliminates the need for compressed air and ensures consistent label application.

Ventury valves are highly inefficient as they use a large amount of compressed air to create a small amount of vacuum suction. Additionally, they require high maintenance due to the venturi valves having very fine channels that tend to get clogged by textile dust, necessitating regular maintenance or replacement.

The T-Matic-IQ-Label is a fully electric label applicator that uses a high-velocity DC fan to generate strong suction for labels of all sizes to adhere to the vacuum pad.

This fan is highly efficient and suitable for dusty environments as it has no fine channels that could trap textile dust.

Additionally, the T-Matic-IQ-Label’s electric positioning system provides highly precise label placement, which is crucial for meeting modern branding requirements and maintaining brand reputation.

This system also enables quick label position changes without the need for tools.

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