The Kolibri is the most compact textile folder in the Dekken family. This user-friendly folding machine requires no maintenance and is powered solely by electricity. A simple power plug is all it takes to fold efficiently and accurately.

Custom Programs

The Kolibri lets you create up to 12 custom folding programs with the intuitive User-Interface. This gives you full control over your machine and ensures that you can always fold in the best and most efficient way possible.

Flexible Packaging

The semi-automatic bagging can be turned on or off for each folding program.
You choose which bag you want to use. The standard folding format allows a lot of flexibility and keeps the procurement costs low.

The use of ready-made bags provides you with the freedom to choose the type of bag you desire. You can opt for various types of bags such as traditional plastic bags, paper bags, printed bags, or shipping bags, etc.

Built-In Counter

Stay productive, save time normally lost in manual-folding, and use it more efficiently.
Keep track of your production by reviewing the built-in counter that shows you how much you’ve folded.

Plug and Play

Unpack. Plug-In. Fold.
The Kolibri is easy to set up and requires no special tools or compressed air.
Installation is simple. The user interface is intuitive and minimalistic, while still giving you full control.

Built to last

Built-in are high quality components including high-speed stepper motors, an industrial Controller, steel hinges and mechanisms with maintenance-free bushings, all held together by a sturdy steel frame.

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